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“Finally Woken?”

I know it’s tacky to call yourself woke.

But there is a point when you do feel as though you’ve woken up and can actually see the world around you with clearer vision. Call it a red pill for progressive feminism. But waking up in my 40s means I can see a lot of garbage behavior in my 20s and 30s. And to think I was actually proud to be a pick-me girl at one time, although we didn’t call it that. I wore my “I’m not like other girls” like a badge of honor. Now I’m a little older, a bit wiser, and a little salty. This blog is a way to explore that saltiness. I want to talk about feminist counter narratives in popular culture, and with a highly intersectional bent. Because…

I don’t have time for white feminist bullshit.

In case you were curious…

This blog title is inspired by one of my favorite early-aughts artists, Jem. The song Finally Woken, is taken from her 2003 debut album of the same name:

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